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Spider Bites

Spiders are venomous, which is how they paralyze their prey. But spiders lack an effective delivery (long fangs and strong jaws) to bite a human.
Occurs rarely and only from bites by brown recluse named widow spiders.
Spider bite is difficult to diagnose, especially when the as not seen or recovered, because the bites typical give little immediate pain.
Widow Spiders
Widow spiders have round abdomens that vary in color from  gray to brown to black, depending on the type. In the female black widow, the abis shiny black with a red or yellow spot (often in Ie of an hourglass) or white spots or bands. Black spiders are found throughout the world.
What to  Look For
Difficult to determine if a person has been bitten by widow spider or, for that matter, by any spider.
The victim may feel a sharp pinprick when the spider  bites, but some victims are not even aware of e bite. Within 15 minutes, a dull, numbing pain develops in the bite area.
Black widow spider.
Note red hourglass configuration abdomen.
 Two small fang marks might be seen as tiny red spots. . Within 15 minutes to four hours, muscle stiffness and cramps occur, usually affecting the abdomen when the bite is on a lower part of the body and the shoulders, back, or chest when the bite is on an upper part. Victims often describe the pain as the most severe they have ever experienced.
.Headache, chills, fever, heavy sweating, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting appear next. Severe pain around the bite site peaks in two to three hours and can last 12 to 48 hours.
Brown Recluse Spiders
Brown recluse spiders are also known in North America
as fiddle-back or violin spiders (_Figure SA ). They have a violin-shaped figure on their backs (several other spider species have a similar configuration on their backs). Color varies from fawn to dark brown, with darker legs.
Brown recluse spiders are found primarily in the southern and midwestern states, with other, less toxic, related spiders throughout the rest of the country. They are absent from the Pacific Northwest where the aggressive house spider, also known as the hobo spider, is found and causes injuries similar to those of the brown recluse.
What to Look For
. A local reaction usually occurs within two to eight hours with mild to severe pain at the bite site and redness, swelling, and local itching.
. In 48 to 72 hours, a blister develops at the bite site, becomes red, and bursts. During the early stages, the affected area often takes on a bull's-eye appearance, with a central white area surrounded by a reddened area, ringed by a whitish or blue border. A small, red crater remains, over which a scab forms. When that scab falls away in a few days, a larger crater remains. That also scabs over and falls off, leaving a yet larger crater. The craters are known as volcano lesions. This process of slow tissue destruction can continue for weeks or even months. The ulcer sometimes requires skin grafting.
. Fever, weakness, vomiting, joint pain, and a rash
may occur. Stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting may occur.


Tarantulas bite only when vigorously provoked or roughly handled. The bite varies from almost painless to a deep throbbing pain lasting up to 1 hour. The tarantula, when upset, will roughly scratch the lower surface of its abdomen with its legs and flick hairs onto the invader's skin. The hairs cause itching and hives that can last several weeks. Treatment is cortisone cream and antihistamines.

What to Do (for All Spider Bites)

1. If possible, catch the spider to confirm its identity. Even if the body has been crushed, save it for identification (although most spider-bite victims

 Brown recluse spider.

Note violin or fiddle configuration on back. Note bull's-eye approach.


1.The species helps determine' the treatment, so the dead spider (if it can be found should be taken with the victim to the hospital.
2. Clean the bite area with soap and water or rubbi
3. Place an ice pack over the bite to relieve pain and
delay the effects of the venom.
4. Fortunately, localized pain, itching, and swelling the most common consequences of an spider bites -can be treated as a first help with our  first aid kit.
5. After first treatment Seek medical attention immediately. An antivenin exists for black widow spider bites. It is usually reserved for children (under 6 years), the elderly (over 60 and with high blood pressure), pregnant women, and victims with severe reactions. The antivenin will give relief within 1 to 3 hours. Antivenin for brown recluse and other spider bit, is not currently available.

Scorpion Stings

Scorpions look like miniature lobsters, with lobster-tail, pincers and a long up curved "tail" with a poisonous stinger . Several species of scorpions can be found in  the southwestern United States, but only the dark scorpion poses a threat to humans.
What to Look For
The most frequent symptom of a scorpion sting, especially in an adult victim, is local, immediate pain and burning around the sting site. Later, numbness or ting occurs.

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