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Samaritan PAD Trainer
Item# TRN SYS-05

PAD aed defibrillator replacement battery
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The Samaritan® AED Trainer provides pre-recorded "real-world" training scenarios without delivering an actual shock. Pre-recorded training scenarios follow International Training scripts. This ensures that your Samaritan® AED users can practice and retain their basic life support and defibrillation skills. Unit comes with a rechargeable battery and battery charger.


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samaritan® PAD TRAINER
Public Access Defibrillator
• 8 AHA/ERC scenarios
-4 to 2005 guidelines
-4 to 2000 guidelines
• easy to use
• pause function
• rechargeable battery
The HeartSine samaritan® PAD TRAINER provides all
prompts, controls, and accessories for effective and realistic
training. The samaritan TRAINER looks like and operates like
the real thing, without the ability for delivery of a shock. A
variety of user-selectable scenarios helps to facilitate training
for a variety of emergency situations.
samaritan® PAD Ordering Information:
The samaritan® PAD Trainer integrates 8 realistic rescue scenarios for AED training. Supplied with Demonstration Pad-Pak

(with rechargeable battery), 10 pairs of training electrode pads, power supply, carry case with 2 zipper compartments, and User Manual.
TRN SYS 05 samaritan® PAD TRAINER, complete
TRN PAK 01 Replacement TRAINER Pad-Pak

TRN ACC 01 Replacement TRAINER charger
TRN ACC 02 Replacement DEMO pads, Pkg/10 pairs
pause button – stops the scenario temporarily to enable the trainer to offer additional explanation and support to the class without

interruption. Scenario resumes where it was paused.
rechargeable battery - can operate up to 6 hours, or the unit can be operated while plugged in. A Low Battery warning will advise
users when the unit should be recharged.

volume configurable – 4 selectable volume levels. Unit defaults to last user setting.
selectable training scenarios - 8 programmable scenarios are included – 4 to AHA/ERC 2005 guidelines, and 4 to AHA/ERC 2000

Scenarios are selectable as follows:
AHA/ERC 2005 – protocol is 1 shock followed by 2 minutes of CPR. A metronome and flashing prompt at 100 beats per
minute helps to establish proper rate for chest compressions.

1. SHOCK ADVISED (SA) condition, followed by CPR
2. NO SHOCK ADVISED (NSA) condition, followed by CPR
3. CHECK PADS, followed by an SA condition, and CPR.
4. Starts directly in “ANALYZING” mode, followed by SA & CPR, SA & CPR, and NSA & CPR
AHA/ERC 2000 – Shock sequences followed by 1 minute of CPR each.

5. SA, SA, and SA condition followed by CPR; then a SA & NSA condition followed by CPR
6. CHECK PADS condition, followed by SA, SA, NSA and CPR
7. Starts directly in “ANALYZING” mode, followed by SA, NSA & CPR
8. SA, NSA and CPR
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